VERY last minute badge preorders (CLOSED) and HAND PAWS WANTED

Hey there guys!

As always with cons, I offer badge preorders and somehow, I forgot to ask if anyone was interested for RBW!

All of these cost £6 (if ordered AT the con, they cost £12) and are heat laminated and come with a badge clip!

Feral example -
Bust example (top 3) Spazz example (bottom) -
Chibi example (this isn't a badge, but hopefully it shows I can draw chibis!) -

I can only take 4 of these, as I have left it rather last minute (as always!) but if ordered now they will be waiting for pickup, on my dealer's table of Friday.

Because of the rush, it's not possible for me to show you a sketch of the badge but if you REALLY want to approve the sketch I can show you it on Friday then finish it there and then. SO! No approval = much quicker.

Slots Available


I also have badges with me that weren't collected or sent off from previous cons. If you believe I owe you a badge, drop by my table and I'll give you it :>

If you are interested, please leave a message with The name you want on the badge and a reference. Payment is upon collection :>


Is there anyone out there who sells and makes fursuit parts who is attending RBW? I seem to have lost my handpaws :< I can trade art for some new ones and/or pay some money. They're pretty simple ones. Cool grey, pink paw pads and black claws. So lemme now if you're interested!!

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Artists: show the 'verse your wares at the Charity Art Show and Auction!

 "Out here, folks don't often get the opportunity to enjoy the more "refined" cultural pleasures in life. Lets just say that there aren't too many artistic proteges who decide to make a place like the Outpost their home.

In fact, we were kinda hopin' that some of you fine talented folk might be able to lend us a hand..."

Are you an artist, sculptor or painter? Got a passion for anthropomorphics and the furry fandom? Want to help out a very worthy charity? If so, then we'd love to show off your work at the RBW art show and auction. We're looking for submissions of original artwork in the genre of anthropomorphics and on a variety of media (sketches, pen-and-ink drawings, paintings, masks, costumes, etc).

Anyone can submit artwork for sale, but we can't promise to show everything because of physical contrainsts on the number of items we can display. Adult artwork is permissible as long as it meets our acceptability criteria (see below).

This year our nominated charity is the Siberian Husky Welfare Association. You're free to donate as much as you like of each item's sale price to charity, and we'd love it if you donated all the proceeds from the sale of your work to charity, but we understand that artists have to eat too, so it's totally acceptable to donate a percentage of sales to charity for an item, or have just some items for the benefit of the charity.

The deadline for submissions is October 22nd. For complete details on submissions please visit the Art Show page on the RBW web site, at If you have any questions, or if you're ready to register, drop an email to artshow [at] and we'll answer as soon as possible.
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RBW 2010 Charity Announcement

RBW 2010 Charity Announcement - A Fistful of Huskies

Every year, RBW supports a different charity through its art show and auction. Last year, through your generosity, we raised over £1800 for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (as well as generating some unexpected stage time for some of the staff - Ed.) and this year we want to do even better!

The cap'n and the rest of us have thought long and hard about how to go about choosing a charity for this year. We talked it over some and a lot of good charities were mentioned - heck, we'd support all of them if we could - but there's only room for one charity in this town. So, we're pleased to announce that the nominated charity for RBW 2010 is the:

Siberian Husky Welfare Association

The Siberian Husky Welfare Association (UK) was formed in February 2007 in response to the gathering welfare crisis in the Siberian Husky breed. Too many irresponsible breeders, together with too many ill-informed, ill-prepared new owners, meant that unwanted huskies were coming into rescue at an unprecedented rate. Since February 2007, SHWA(UK) has taken in and rehomed some 400 unwanted Siberian Huskies of all ages and we have quickly become - out of necessity, not choice, the biggest and busiest Siberian Husky Welfare organisation in the UK.

All of us at RBW are thrilled to be supporting such a worthy cause this year, and we think that the Association's work is something that our community can really get behind. The link above offers more information about the charity, their work and a universe of information about huskies.

Would you like to know more?

Want more information, or want to help us fundraise at RBW 2010? Drop us an email to charity [at] and we'll be happy to discuss it.
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After a whole bunch o' hard work from all the crew here at RBW HQ over the last few months, we're finally ready to show off the fruits of our labours and open up registration for RBW-2010!

The new website should be live right now over at so go take a look! Make sure to have a good look around, learn about the intrepid crew of Outpost Britannia and why you simply cannot miss this particular shindig!

In-house snow leopard and all round design extraordinare, Miyabi, has spent a lot of time coming up with a teaser trailer to whet your whistle.



This year we've taken a leaf out of the books of other larger conventions, which is that we aren't handling hotel booking. Aside from the huge amount of administrative overhead it caused, we became aware quite late in the day that we weren't getting the best price for all our attendees.

That said, we've no intention of leaving you flailing in the dark - there's full details of the hotels as well as booking links on our Venue & Travel page.

We hope that you guys will be as excited as we are about this years event and hope to see you all there in November!

Team RBW, out.
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Update: Good News Everyone!

Just a very quick update here. We've had the information we need to get the website up and running for you tonight.

However, we're just putting the absolute finishing touches on things, so we're going to be pushing the launch back until 9pm GMT.

Hope that doesn't inconvenience y'all too much, but we think it'll be worth the wait.

Cya on the flip side!
Team RBW
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“Looks like we're having a little trouble with interstellar interference out here on the Outpost that's gonna delay the openin' of registration for a mite bit longer...”

In all seriousness, we're currently waiting on one final piece of confirmation from the hotel before we can responsibly put the website live. Everything is 100% ready to go, but we can't flip the switch until we get word back from them.

We're hoping that they will get in touch with us today and so we're provisionally aiming for an 8pm GMT launch of the system, but this is subject to change if we're unable to get final confirmation.

Seriously, it's killing us to not show you the finished site (and some other goodies!) right now. We'll keep you informed here and on our Twitter feed, @rbwcon, of any updates that we get.

It goes without sayin' that the crew up on the 'post are seem to be gettin' as restless as we are....

Stay tuned,
Team RBW

Incoming wave...



// Outpost: Britannia International [CIVILIAN LEISURE HABITAT CLASS 4]
// Earthdate: 05 – 07 NOV 2010 [GMT]
// Stellar region CANARY WHARF (AKA ‘CITY’)

** Registration opens 01 MAR 2010
** Hey guys! Can't talk for long - deep space waves cost a pretty penny...
** Don't get the notion we're restin' on our laurels – we're mighty busy here
** getting things in shape for RBW-2010... We'll have more for you on the 1st.
** For now, you can look us up on the Cortex -
** See you off world!
** ~



I wanted to say on the LJ group itself - huge congratulations to the team for what they did at RBW - I had a great time!  You guys deserve a well earned rest .... and to then get back to work for next year! :p

I sure hope to see you again next year!  In the meantime I hope to see lots of you at Confuzzled - there's nothing like registering for your next convention to bring fast, effective relief from post-con-depression (and you can prove to yourself that there is life North of the Watford Gap!)

Thank you again one and all!