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Hi all!

Just wantd to say a big thank you to everyone who attended RBw this weekend and made it such a great time and reminded me why i love furs so much! I hope you all enjoyed the conbook too, which hopefully should have ammused you and kept you busy in some of the slower moment (of which there were very few!)

Sadly, not everyone got credit for thier work cue to the sheer number of people who contributed so here is the definitive list in case you were wondering "who done what"

thanks too:

Ultraviolet- For the front cover and the use of two of her brilliant images inside (

Muzz- For the extremely cute picture of two furs fursuiting (

Kraken D'Waggin- A brilliant FiB themed introduction

Vulpon Leo- For the agent pictures of Foxb, Rapido, Starpaw and Zimt and the treasure hunt compass picture (

Murries- "Could you get me a big gun" pic, brilliantly funny!

Fatraken- Interview and pictures (

Majestic- Alien cocktails

Tre Husky- Husky holding glass picture (

RiffRaffuk- Majestic drawing and Mod-fox on scooter pictures (

Zimt- For the cryptic brain puzzlers (

2 Gryphon- Giving us a side splitting interview. (

Mustan- Furs around london photos (

Zuki- Breaking in the new guy story (

Glasshouse- Breaking in the new guy artwork (

Redmoor- Union Jack FiB picture (

Shema The Lioness- Big Ben FIB picture

Citation Needed- For the amazing guest comic (

Wyla-Wolves artwork (
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