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Oh look, another RBW writeup

Well...on the 1st of December and flowing over to the 2nd there was a little gathering of maddness at a little pub called the Calico Bar near St Pauls in London.

I arrived at Liverpool street station at Stupid O'clock (copywrite Kyyano that crazy cat) and met up with Alpha, Lupus, Blacksnip, Durandal, Slinkat and another person whose name i didnt manage to get (sorry dude). After some breakfast that really could have done with some flavour we headed off to the hotel to dump our stuff and then finally to the Calico Bar.

Upon arrival i got told the startling news that, i needed my passport and this was apparently plastered all over the official site (to which i have never actually seen on there so either i didnt look hard enough or it was not plasterd as it had been told to me it was) and eventually got in.

Immediately, I started snapping pictures, saying hi to friends i had not seen for YEARS (Graafen, you know who you are and how long it was since we last met, btw awesome beard) and met some new and intersting people :D

I then attended a fursuit construction panel hosted by the amazingly talented Fatkraken and Lance Ikegawa (hope i spelt those right), got to talk a little to Lance and he's a really cool guy and just wish i had more time to chat with him about something OTHER than fursuits :P.

I then had one of the best things happen to me at any con i have been to in recent history (currently counting 2). I was asked by Wolfpaw to wear his suit and take part in the Fursuit Commonwealth Games. Now i am not being fanboyish when i say these next words, but seriously, THANKYOU!!! SOOO MUCH!!!! I cannot express how honred and so uberlyoverjoyedecstaticlychargedwithhappy i was!!! I just hope i managed to do a decent job of pulling him off, besides being A FULL FOOT SHORTER!!!

Then after that i went back to the hotel with my roomie Spargue to get my bags out of the holding and get prepped for the evening of the boat cruise up and down the Thames.

Here comes a bit of a funny story. We got down and figured out we had...ooh 10 minutes to get from Russel Square to Embankment where the ship was docking. So we sped up accordingly and (thankyou oyster) got through the gates without the stupid amounts of toursits causing too much of a hassel.

Then got to Holborn and changed over to the Central line and waited for the tube, got on it when it came and then waited......and waited.....and waited some more.........and for a change....waited. Then the driver came over the intercom (barely) and announced "Ladies and gentlemen, we appologise for the delay in the service, but all trains are being held at station due to a signal failure at Stratford."

We looked at eachother, swore profusely and decided to high tail it back to the picadilly line, get on and change at another station and go down to embankment via the northern.

We got there and headed above ground where we tried desperately to get ahold of someone who was at the party, eventually i reached Wolfpaw and enquired as to the timing and location of the boat. He told me that it was just arriving, they couldn't hold it and it was at Embankment. He said he also didnt think i would make which i said 'Oh we will make it alright, i'll see you in a few.'

Upon enquiring to Spargue on which direction we should go, we started off at a dead neck pace towards the pier.....aaannd after about 500 metres (being generous here, i actually have no idea how far we got, we got as far as the Queen Mary and kinda ran out of steam) we kinda slowed to a brisk walk due to us being lazy bums!! And kinda continued along that run, walk cycle, slowing down when we got near a docked boat to check if anyone we recognised was there.

In the mean time, i am wearing these shoes that i swear wer emodeled off of the Iron Maiden (not the band, the torture device!!) as my feet were in AGONY!! I swear it would have been more comfortable to run bear foot than in those things!! So note to next time...DO NOT WEAR THOSE BLOODY SHOES!!

At every boat i passed i kept thinking 'Is this it, no too big/small/its a wreck/its permanently docked' and eventually spotted this boat that looked familiar and ....wait...was that.....flourescent jackets? That could jsut be arb security for the boat...then i thought i spotted someone with this was getting more positive. And as we got closer i recognised Orona and Foxb in their jackets as well as Graafen and a lot of people on the ramp!

THANKYOU GODS!!! So we slowed down and eventually got to the ramp....only to wait another 20 freaking minutes!! Though didnt suffer as much from the cold as everyone else seemed to do due to the fact that we had just been doing some serious physical exertion!!!

So eventually got onto the boat and relaxed a little, had food and then sat down RIGHT AT THE FRONT (as i did the previous year) to listen to 2 the Ranting Gryphon and proceeded to laugh my ass off :D Seriously, i thoroughly enjoy his comedy and presentation:D

Now i know this is going to sound terribly up myself here, but when he mentioned me and did all that fun stuff (i basically got made mention of due to the fac ti had written in yeeeeeaarrrss ago) and i just felt really honored and touched. Many thanks 2!! Though i dont think i deserve it much :)

During the stand up, we went up and down the Thames a few times and the weather was really choppy....and i hoestly thought we were going to capsize!! I am a wee bit nervous about water travel and especially on the Thaems, as that stuff will MELT YOUR FACE OFF!!

After 2 had finished, ther ewas a short fursuit dance and then came the one section of the dance that i had prepared. And i have to say i felt so overjoyed taht people were enjoying themselves due to the efforts of my labour. Seriously, that brings me more satisfaction and happiness to see other people enjoying themselves as a direct result of something i have done or had a hand in doing. And i thoroughly enjoyed rocking the fuck out with them!!

Then came the uber shitt part. At about half way throgh the mix, people came on the mic...and cut in half the mix, as well as COMPLETELY CUTTING OFF THE DANCE MIX THAT LAPUSHKIN HAD PUT TOGETHER!!!

Dude, you have no idea how sorry i am that it didnt even get a mention in the listening lineup, from what you told me, it sounded like a seriously awesome lineup.

Then shortly after the muisc was stopped we docked, a full 45 minutes or more (i cannot remember exactly) before we were due, NOT TO MENTION they were 45 minutes LATE TO THE WRONG FREAKING PIER!!!

BUT ANYWAY.... after that there was then an en-mass foot trip back to the hotel, which i swear should not have taken that long but, anyway it did. My feet were still haveing arguments with the Iron Shoes and when i eventualyl set eyes on that hotel...i nearly ran some more!!!

So after changing, going back down tot he lobby and chilling til they shut the bar (at a rediculously early hour!!)

Day 2

Got to the Calico with various people in a group and walked through the steady-but-not-too-heavy-rain and it was more relaxed (at least for me) than the first day.

I got to hang out wiht more people talk to some really cool people of whom i will mention the griffin Saberhagen! Dude, you were amazing to talk to and so cute too!! But he's straight and it was his first con so i hope i didnt come across too badly ^.^;;

Got to talk to the infamous Zaroi some, and i oogled over his advance copy of Heathen City some (dude, wow...just wow) of which i WILL be investing in when it is released in 2008!!

There was a halo 3 tournament that took place that i STUPIDLY signed up for (me and halo games never go well, I AM ALWAYS THE STUPID CANON FODDER) and i died...a lot...and eventualyl lost the match. Came in third place, and i know EXACTLY WHY!!! CODEWOLF YOU VEHICLE WHORE!!! That and i had NO freaking clue what the controls were, it had been sooo long since i had played that on xbox of any sort.

And just to clarify, i am not being a sore looser, I KNOW I SUCK AT THE GAME!!

After that i waited around a while for the 2 and friends show and that was a gas! Seriously, the guy who came on as a warm up act (i am sorry i forget your name) did a good job, some very sophisticated humor taht not everyone got but it was very well done i recon. Keep it up man, you can only get better.

Eventually and all too soon, it was time to leave. I got to say my last goodbye to the friends i had made and seen again, and went off with Varka, his mate Arimah, Stu_tiger to go and try and find some foodings.

Not difficult i hear you say. Its central London, i hear you exclaim. I SAY YOU FAIL!!!

Every freaking restaurant or establishment we tried was closing down!! GOD DAMN YOU WEEKEND TRADING HOURS!! We tried Gourmet Burger Kitchen (HOMG THAT PLACE ROCKS, and now i know where it is i will CERTAINLY be going back there....Now to aleviate your confusion, i have been there before, just not at St Pauls, i went in Kingston and i thank my aunt for introducing me to its wonders.) we tried Pizza Hut and eventually had to settle for....dare i admit it...Macdonalds *shudders violently, wretching and wiping his tongue with his talons*


So after al of that, i had to be on my merry way back to wet and chavvy Essex.

And that, as they say, is that.

I had an absolutely wonderful time, even though my bank is absolutely broken and raped, like a 2 doller whore in the Castro. But you know what....i do not care in the slightest.

The furry community has done so much for my life and continues to do so, with the people i meet, and events i go to, it helps me stay sane in a world where i never truely fitted in.

Now if you are still reading this, you are a more patient man than i am!! AND I HAD TO WRITE THE DAMN THING!!

GOODNIGHT!! And i hope to see you all again next year!!

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