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Foxb - Ember
foxb wrote in rbwuk
Work is going well, if not a little stressful with deadlines still. We got the publishers coming in tommorow! o.o;;  As well as this I got invited out to a trade event later next month with the studio head. SCARY!!!!! But everyone is saying im doing really well and im sure this is a sign that im impressing them thankfully. ^_^

On to RBW news now though......

100 tickets have been sold. Within 3-ana-bit days of opening the website we have already sold a HUGE 100 tickets. I really can't belive that so many tickets have sold so quick. I im going to up-the-anti on how many people decide to come to RBW 2008....

If we reach 350 people this year we will rent something so awesome your eyes will bleed..

one of these for everyone to have fun with......

...or something like that at the very least.....

So make sure you get all your friends to sign up cos personally, i really wana get one of these! ^.^

I big thankyou to everyone who has already signed up! :D

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OMG that looks so fun!
Is it possible to get one adults are allowed on though?

It looks like a Big Fun Run, and it'll be awesome to see it there with 350 people playing on it. XD

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