December 3rd, 2006


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Back home from the boat party. God it feels weird to be out of my fursuit :)

Rapido, you rock for organising it.

Everyone else, you rock too for being there and making it cool.

Spottykitty out

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Just returned home after a most excellent time in London, both at the LF meet and the Winter Boat Party. Many, many thanks to Rapido for organising everything so well :)
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Post Party


Rapido and all the other furs that helped out - great job! It was a very enjoyable evening. The boat left spot on 7pm and fun started right until we docked again at the pier at the end of the night. The boat was great, and I'm glad the number of spaces was limited - more wouldn't have fit comfortably on the boat! The boat was good too - I liked the fact there was seating for those that needed a break, the area at the front promptly taken over by the fursuiters to get suited up in and the dance floor in the middle. The bar was well priced too I thought, compared to standard London bars. And here I was, thinking they'd charge double that, because their competition is non-existent when you're on a boat with no easy way to get off to go alcohol shopping! ;)

The only downside I can think of is after the party, a lot of people hadn't planned how to get where they were going. I know this is nothing really to do with RB&W but it may be an idea to emphasise this if you're holding an event again? Just a warning on the invitation/ticket/pass/thing maybe? To be honest, I didn't think it needed saying but apparently it did as multiple furs were left stranded because they didn't check the last train / check for taxis etc. I like helping people out but my idea of fun isn't walking about Stratford station at 1.30am in an attempt to shepherd some furs home, after a wild party night.

Oh, and any idea where we went on the boat? I got confused at about the time 2 started doing his show, when for some reason we seemed to be turning left. And left. And left. In circles. But that must have just been me of course! However, I DO remember at the start passing the Houses of Parliament, and also going out through the Thames Barrier.

Oh! One more thing. I didn't take any photos, but I know a lot of people did. If you're reading this... can we see them sometime soon? Furs + alcohol + music + facepaint + fursuits + glowsticks and flashing things = hilarity!
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