July 30th, 2007

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The new RBW.org.uk

So it's been a while in the making and we've been talking about it for a while now but the new website has gone live. So whats new then?

Well the new website has much more detail regarding events, guests, and what RBW stands for and what it set out to achieve. The new site gives much more detail regarding whats going to be happening over the 2 days.

The new site also includes alot of previously unannounced news. So he have a number of special announcements but of course you will need to head over to the website for the full details! GO NOW! Here is just a short list:-

- Guest of Honor Fatkraken

- Guest of Honor Ultraviolet
- Furry related vender's.
- NEW premium membership option. (Upgrade via the new registration system)
- Many new events have been added.
- FREE conbook.
- Masquerade.
- 1st of a number of contests that will be running on the leadup to RBW07.
- 2008 teaser that gives you hardly anything but leaves you wanting to know more :P

So yeh a MEGA S**T load has been added we hope you all enjoy what we've got planned for this great 2 day convention. There are more announcements to come but we'll leave you with this for now ;)

A big thank you to orona_red for coding the site and working with me on the design, CMS, and flow. ^.^ Also none of this would of been possible without the input from the other RBW staff and also the feedback from the RBW community.

Also......and finally....... ONLY 10 TICKETS LEFT!
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