August 14th, 2007

  • foxb

RBW2007 - New payment options and details available

Hey there furs!

A number of people have emailed me regarding how to pay for RBW2007 tickets. I have reviewed the website and the email that every new member is sent and through the communities feedback have created a whole section on the new RBW website with all the details you should need.

The new section is labeled 'Paying for Tickets' and found at:

We have added two more ways to pay for your convenience! You can now pay by cheque by sending it to our company address. Else, from Wednesday you will be able to use Google Checkout. Head on over to the website for more details should you wish ^_^

While on the subject of payments, we have had a huge number of people pay for tickets already. We are still waiting on payments from a few furs however. Whilst we try and allow you as much time as possible to find the funds for the tickets; we really need anyone who has reserved a ticket more than 45 days ago to pay for tickets ASAP. If you are having problems paying for tickets then please contact myself (foxb [a-t-] and let me know the situation.


Later this week we will be announcing the RBW-2007 hotel. We struck a deal with the hotel earlier today and have secured a block of rooms. Twin rooms will cost £87 and Triple rooms £105. If people go for triple rooms then it will work out only £32 each INCLUDING BREAKFAST! Rather good value if you ask me. ^^

Stay tuned for more details later this week! :)
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