August 16th, 2007

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RBW2007 hotel

There were some issues with the RBW2007 hotel in the last 24 hours. I have been on phone with my agent at the royal national hotel and any issues with 'group/event codes' has now been cleared up.
To quote the royal nationals own email

"The rates are as follows:
twin £87.00
triple £105.00
per room per night including VAT and English breakfast.

Those calling to make reservations should contact our Central Reservations Office:
Telephone: 0207 278 7871
Fax: 0207 837 4653
Please mention the dedicated allocation of rooms held on behalf of BAAF. Credit card details will be required to guarantee the bookings. Guests to be responsible for paying their own accounts."

Hopefully this clears anything up and once again sorry for any of the confusion with the bookings. I'm guessing this is just initial teething problems but should anyone else have any issues then please do email me on

The couple of people who have emailed me last night I will be contacting you tomorrow morning. I can confirm that everyone who has booked a room and given card details has got a room in the block.
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