August 31st, 2007

buster chases tail
  • starpaw

RBW conbook

Hi, Starpaw here. This years RBW is going to be extra special, there’s no doubt about that with all the special guests and huge number of furs attending, but also because this marks the first year of the RBW conbook! If the american furry conventions can have conbooks, then so can we!

It will be full of interviews with the guests of honour, artwork and stories. But who is providing all these wonderful goodies you might ask?

Well, the simple answer guys!

We want the conbook to reflect the interests off all the furs at RBW and the only way that’s going to happen is to let you guys tell us what you want!So we need stories, artwork, jokes literally anything that you’d like to see in the conbook. Even if you’re not a writer or an artist simply send us something fun or a suggestion that someone else could draw or write!

As you all know this years theme is all about those FIB agents making the world safe for all furkind so anything FIB related would be a huge bonus, but if you have something that isn’t fitting in with this theme then send it along anyway. We will try and make room for as much as possible.

come on guys! We need your help, start sending now!