September 13th, 2007

Foxb - Ember
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RBW Newsletter

The 2 day convention everyone is talking about is only a few months away now; but we still have lots of neat announcements to make and important information to give you. The RBW team is also very busy working on 2008 and you can look forward to hearing more about these exciting developments later in the year.

===== The RBW Con-Book =====
Included in the the con Fee of only £25 will be a convention booklet. It will be a great souvenir of the convention and something for you to look back on in years to come.inside you will find interviews with the guests of honour, artwork, stories, and much more.

But who is providing all these wonderful goodies you might ask?

Well, the simple answer guys!

We want the conbook to reflect the interests off all the furs at RBW and the only way that’s going to happen is to let you guys tell us what you want!So we need stories, artwork, jokes literally anything that you’d like to see in the conbook. Even if you’re not a writer or an artist simply send us something fun or a suggestion that someone else could draw or write!

As you all know this years theme is all about those FIB agents making the world safe for all furkind so anything FIB related would be a huge bonus, but if you have something that isn’t fitting in with this theme then send it along anyway. We will try and make room for as much as possible.

We need your help, start sending now!
Send your ideas or submissions to:

===== The RBW Hotel =====
The RBW hotel has now been confirmed and we have already booked over 20 rooms (Thats over 50 furs)! If you haven't already booked your hotel for the weekend then head on over to the hotels section on our new website.

The Royal National Hotel is this years official hotel and offers a great enviroment for furs and young people alike (Oh and you get a free Full English breakfast). Many people are staying not only Saturday night but also Friday and Sunday. You can guarantee their is going to be a few room parties and things going on at the hotel!

===== Tickets almost sold out AGAIN!! =====
When we first announced RBW 2007 and put tickets on sale thier were 150 tickets available. Within only 3 months all of those tickets had been allocated and we were literally turning people away. Well last month we were pleased to announce an extra 50 tickets and a much larger venue. Alas even with over 200 tickets being made available we have come to the point where we have less than 15 left. If you know of anyone who is planning on coming but still hasn't booked a ticket then please get them to head on over to the website and reserve a ticket now!

===== New Events Schedule =====
With the new, larger venue, and three world class guests of honour we have greatly improved on the scheduling for this years event. To find out whats going to happening over the 2 days head on over to:

If there something you think we should be including in the conventions schedule then simply drop foxb an email at:

RBW 2007 is going to be absolutely huge! With over 200 furs for the UKs biggest furry convention ever, 3 Great guests of honour, Prizes, The UK fur awards, three tracks (fursuit, art, entertainment), 5 hour boat party and free snakcs, and live 2'gryphon show!

All of this for £25. WOW!