October 19th, 2007

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Its in the Mix! Be a RBW DJ!

is rushing up fast and as ever we have sold all our tickets and already have a large waiting list. Rapido is busy chasing up some late payments and opening up spaces as they become available.

The boat party is one of our iconic events at RBW and we have a super line up for you whilst aboard! Well we are looking for 3 DJ's to prepare the music for the dances that evening. If you think you can mix some tracks and know what your adoring fans want then this is you're chance to have your music played infront of over 200 furs from the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world!

So what do we want? Well if you think you have what it takes you need to submit:

- A 4 track sample set. (A low quality MP3 sent to me via email)
- A 45 minute playlist. (A text break down on what you would play)
- A bit about your DJ experience.

When we select the 3 best entrants they will then be required to make a full 196Kbps recording of the set and either send a CD in or upload a MP3 file to our FTP server.

Who is it open to? Anyone, from anywhere! Because of the equipment available on the boat we will not be able to have a live DJ aboard, so instead we are going to play a pre-recording. This means that everyone is able to enjoy themselves on the night and even if you can't make the event you will be able to contribute.

We have 3 main dances that you can make a submission for:

[Session-1] Fursuit Dance.
[Session-2] Pop, 80's, dance Music.
[Session-3] Rock Music.

Closing date for your DJ portfolio to myself is the 3rd November.

Please email me if you are interested:

Good luck! =^_^=
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