November 14th, 2007

  • foxb

Havn't Got a ticket for RBW 2007 Yet?

For anyone who still wishes to attend RBW but hasn't got a ticket - good news! :)

We have created a new ticket type to allow people to still attend the main events on the Saturday and the Sunday but without the Boat party in the evening. The main venue has a max capacity of 600 people so there is no worry about over crowding. (Who could of guessed that we have would have nearly 250 people this year!)

A few extras have been added to itinerary for the 2 days which include a artists den of sorts and the 2'Gryphon and Uncle Kage show.

We also have Timothy Albee in attendance who is the famous animator of Kaze: Ghost Warrior, Disney's Dinosaur, Battlestar Galactica, and author of many light wave books.

Thats all we have to announce so far but you can rest assured that a few surprises will be waiting for you on the day.
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