November 28th, 2007

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION you will need to know for RBW-2007

In 3 days time RBW will kick off with our sponsors meal in the biggest convention of its kind in the UK with some truly amazing guests [after all you are coming right?] and events!

This email is intended to answer any question you may have and provide you with important information you WILL need for the convention. I ask you all to take the time to read this fully as it will prevent problems on the day and make life a lot easier and a lot more fun for you.

Firstly please make sure you follow these bullet points before and/or during the convention.

  • YOU WILL NEED TO BRING AN OFFICIAL FORM OF PHOTO ID TO GAIN ENTRY TO THE EVENT. WITHOUT ID YOU MAY BE DENIED ENTRY. This is a requirement for insurance purposes at the venues. Official ID can include the following:- Passport, Photo driving licence, Young persons card, Photo rail cards, official college/university student cards with photo, any other form of ID that shows your name and a picture and is issued by a government or large corporation.
  • Last year all members received a ticket through the post. This year you will not receive anything via mail, instead you will simply pick it up on entry. To make the processes easier you will simply present an official form of ID and we will give you the welcome pack that will include your convention ID wristband, convention booklet, timetable, and various other items.

  • You will only be able to pick up and gain entry to the event if your real name matches the name on your ID. Failing this you may be required to purchase a 'Venue Only' ticket type to gain entry.

  • Upon registration you will need to sign a copy of the terms and conditions for the event, these are nothing to worry about and just contain the rules to keep everyone happy. If you need anything explained from the form before you sign, please do ask and we will be more than happy to help.
  • If you are a sponsor at the event, during registration you will be asked what t-shirt size you are so that you can claim your complimentary t-shirt, please familiarise yourself with what UK t-shirt size you are so that you can save time at registration.

  • You will be required to keep your tamper proof wrist band on you at all times whilst at RBW, if your pass becomes lost or damaged, you will need to speak to a member of RBW staff as soon as possible, so that we can rectify this or issue you with a temporary pass.

Now all the boring and legal side of things have been covered lets get to the important information regarding RBW.

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