December 4th, 2007

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The RBW 2007 lowdown

Well its over, finally i can make a sigh of relief and sit down with a good cup of coffee and relax. I don't think I have ever had such a busy, but rewarding weekend in my life. But was it worth it? Well from everyones feedback via our website (, my LJ, and just speaking to people I would say Yes. Were there issues with the con, Yes of course there were. Did we learn from them? Yes!

From what I have picked up people loved the boat party and it continues to be one of the most original events on the furry calender around the globe. We had 197 people on the boat on the saturday evening and there was alot of fun to be had. The food was really good and i wasn't expecting there to be so much and of such a good quality. Was excellent! :) I was on duty during the boat party and everyone was so well behaved. Unfortunately i didn't get a chance to see 2 Gryphon on stage but there was a good few of us downstairs who had a great time. The walk back from the boat was less a stroll and more of a mini-trek, still it was a good cool down after the party.

As for the daytime programming I think all in all we put on a good range of activities and fun was had. A huge thank you to all the staff that pulled things together. We were VERY limited on space and also THE GOD DAMN PILLARS EVERYWHERE made it hard to run some of the events that required alot of space. The fursuit games, the London treasure hunt, the auction, Kage and 2 show, Fatkrakens panels, UVs classes, and all the other great events really made RBW so much more than a ordinary fur meet! The best thing about the con was seeing so many happy faces during the weekend. It really made me feel proud and glad i could help bring this to you guys and gals!

A big hand to all of our Special Guests that came along to RBW! Myself, and I think I speak on behalf of all the other staff and guests, we all really wish you all the best and hope we brought a smile to ya faces and you were able to tolerate us all!

I have alot of ideas for RBW 2008 and i'm really looking forward to improving on this year, resolving any issues that arose, and making it even more fantastic!

We can only do this if we get ya feedback so we would love you all to head over here:
So please be harsh, gripe, and be frank with us about any aspect of the convention, staff, or hotel. That way we can sob, cry, maybe even flail a small amount..... and then fix it! ^.^

Once again, Thank you all you all are just lovely ^.^

RBW Chairman!

P.S. Next year I will ENDEAVOR not be half naked and get my revenge on Kage and see how he likes being stripped half-naked in the middle of the closing speeches! ;)

P.S.S If you have a photo gallery for your pictures from RBW please post a link here and we will link to it from the RBW website.

Over and out!
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Hi all!

Just wantd to say a big thank you to everyone who attended RBw this weekend and made it such a great time and reminded me why i love furs so much! I hope you all enjoyed the conbook too, which hopefully should have ammused you and kept you busy in some of the slower moment (of which there were very few!)

Sadly, not everyone got credit for thier work cue to the sheer number of people who contributed so here is the definitive list in case you were wondering "who done what"

thanks too:

Ultraviolet- For the front cover and the use of two of her brilliant images inside (

Muzz- For the extremely cute picture of two furs fursuiting (

Kraken D'Waggin- A brilliant FiB themed introduction

Vulpon Leo- For the agent pictures of Foxb, Rapido, Starpaw and Zimt and the treasure hunt compass picture (

Murries- "Could you get me a big gun" pic, brilliantly funny!

Fatraken- Interview and pictures (

Majestic- Alien cocktails

Tre Husky- Husky holding glass picture (

RiffRaffuk- Majestic drawing and Mod-fox on scooter pictures (

Zimt- For the cryptic brain puzzlers (

2 Gryphon- Giving us a side splitting interview. (

Mustan- Furs around london photos (

Zuki- Breaking in the new guy story (

Glasshouse- Breaking in the new guy artwork (

Redmoor- Union Jack FiB picture (

Shema The Lioness- Big Ben FIB picture

Citation Needed- For the amazing guest comic (

Wyla-Wolves artwork (

You guys ROCKZZZZZ!!!

Thanks for a really GREAT convention!!!!

I even dunno where to begin with my thanks!!

THANKS!!! And count on me next year! Definitly!!!!

Oh, yes, i almost forgot.....I'm the world biggest dumbass rattie ever... In the queue at the pier, during the wait, i was with 3 charming furries... One of them even lended me his scarf (even if he was freezing his a** off)... and i forgot to ask for their names!!

Anyone can help me?

That's what he looks like... 

Thanks for your help!

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RBW 2007 Fact-file

Just a few numbers for people might be interested regarding RBW-2007

- Total tickets sold = 242 [Includes Sponsor, Normal, and Venue Only tickets)
- Total sales at Charity auction = £1775.00p (US$3550.00) 75% To 'Mammal Trust UK' and 25% to RBW 2008
- 197 People on the boat on the Saturday evening.
- Well over 35 Fursuiters
- A total of 21 people from outside the UK

Awesome! :)
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