November 4th, 2010


VERY last minute badge preorders (CLOSED) and HAND PAWS WANTED

Hey there guys!

As always with cons, I offer badge preorders and somehow, I forgot to ask if anyone was interested for RBW!

All of these cost £6 (if ordered AT the con, they cost £12) and are heat laminated and come with a badge clip!

Feral example -
Bust example (top 3) Spazz example (bottom) -
Chibi example (this isn't a badge, but hopefully it shows I can draw chibis!) -

I can only take 4 of these, as I have left it rather last minute (as always!) but if ordered now they will be waiting for pickup, on my dealer's table of Friday.

Because of the rush, it's not possible for me to show you a sketch of the badge but if you REALLY want to approve the sketch I can show you it on Friday then finish it there and then. SO! No approval = much quicker.

Slots Available


I also have badges with me that weren't collected or sent off from previous cons. If you believe I owe you a badge, drop by my table and I'll give you it :>

If you are interested, please leave a message with The name you want on the badge and a reference. Payment is upon collection :>


Is there anyone out there who sells and makes fursuit parts who is attending RBW? I seem to have lost my handpaws :< I can trade art for some new ones and/or pay some money. They're pretty simple ones. Cool grey, pink paw pads and black claws. So lemme now if you're interested!!

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