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September RBW update

RBW 2008 is now under three months away and things are really beginning to hot up here at RBW HQ (We currently don't have our moon base but we're working on it). We have had a lot of changes and developments in the last month and a half so now is a great time to bring you up to date!

As some of you may be aware RBW 2008 falls on Thanksgiving in the USA. This has meant two of our guests are now unfortunately unable to attend. However, both Latin Vixen and 2'Gryphon have both said they won't miss next years event for the world and they look forward to seeing us in 2009!

We are very pleased to confirm two new Guests of Honor who will be over from Europe - Timduru and Cheetah!

Timduru is one of the best fursuit performers and has contributed to the furry fandom for over a decade. He is a prominent fur in a number of projects including the fursuit database, the Disney Halloween trip, and a great deal of fursuiting websites.

Cheetah needs no introduction as he is the Chairman of the world longest running furry convention – Eurofurence. In his first time as GoH for any furry convention we are pleased to welcome him to the UK. Cheetah will be involved with a number of events across the weekend as well as around the convention for you to talk to.

You have already noticed that we have got a great new website. We felt that the website was a bit heavy going and so this new website makes it much easier for you to find the information you need.

Along with our new design, we have updated and added a lot of information. Be sure to have a look at the new pages!

The initial RBW 2008 timetable is now available for download via our 'events' page. This timetable is not final and will adapt to feedback we get from yourselves. Remember if you want to see a event that isn't already on the timetable then send us a email. We will try to include all event requests we receive.

As a special incentive we will be giving away a number of gifts for those who pay in full for their RBW tickets in September. Included in this is a one-off signed RBW 2008 t-shirt. The shirt includes signatures from most RBW staff and many ViP that attended EF. Take a look at our front page for more information!

Earn free stuff with our new referral system!
Want to earn free gifts including signed RBW prints, T-Shirts, and Gold upgrades? Its easy! Anyone who signs up for a ticket will now be able to enter a 'refer' user name. If they enter your user name you will receive points!

1 Point for every paid Silver member
2 Points for every paid Gold member
3 Points for every paid Platinum member

Points will get you these great freebies:
5 Points = A free signed Zen print.
10 Points = A free limited RBW T-Shirt
20 Points = Free Silver > Gold upgrade or a Gift basket.

We are now able to accept cheques, and from the 14th of September Bank Transfer. If you want to find out more then simply click on the 'payments page' on your profile.

With under 90 days to the convention we must now start paying for the venues and resources to make RBW happen. To make sure RBW 2008 can happen we require all current users to pay in full for tickets by the 30th September. Any user who does not pay will unfortunately have their account suspended. Should you have trouble paying for your current ticket then please contact RBW via the website to discuss your situation. Any new members from the 23rd September will have 7 days to pay.

Don't forget though that anyone who pays this month will have the opportunity to win a number of free prizes!

RBW was extremely well received at Eurofurence with a real surge in sign ups since. 2'Gryphon told a packed audience about RBW last year, flyers were placed around the venue, and information & T-Shirts were available from the dealers den. At EF we were also able to secure a number of dealers

Over the last couple of months we have made a lot of changes with the structure of the company. Rapido decided to leave A.R.F. Due to personal reasons and all the remaining staff wish him all the best for the future. The many other senior staff from last year have stayed at the company and are continuing to work on RBW.

Since then we have done a lot of restructuring, streamlining, and giving the company a more healthy and focused objective. I know a few of you have been concerned about A.R.F. Because we hadn't updated our website or made many announcements. Regrettably the increase workload of the restructure and focus over that time meant that we fell relatively silent. Now however we are back bigger and better than ever and the next 3 months are going to be exciting for all of us. Following the restructure, these are the senior staff:

Tryst - AV Rigging and Stage
Orona - Internet Services and IT
Foxb - Fursuit track, PR, and Chairman
Graafan - Con-Ops, Security, and Chairman
Ultraviolet - Art Track, Hospitality, and Chairlady
Atalon Deer - Convention Advisor and German Liaison
Kittiah - Gaming Room and DJ
Miyabi - Dance setup and DJ
Fatkraken - Convention advisor and Fursuit construction
Tre Dawg - RBW 2008 Conbook
Spirit Raptor - Head of RBW camera crew and Photography

Along with the above staff we have dozens of other volunteers who will also be helping out over the next few months – to everyone who dedicates time we thank you!

RBW 2009

We have already started to organize RBW 2009. We know a lot of you like to make plans in advance and so we're pleased to confirm our RBW 2009 dates. The dates for next year will be:
3rd to the 6th December 2009.

For RBW 2009 we will be at a brand new venue in London and will include the signature boat party. Look out for more information at RBW 2008 as well as details on how to get a discounted ticket.
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