Musings of a contented feline (kittiah) wrote in rbwuk,
Musings of a contented feline


“Looks like we're having a little trouble with interstellar interference out here on the Outpost that's gonna delay the openin' of registration for a mite bit longer...”

In all seriousness, we're currently waiting on one final piece of confirmation from the hotel before we can responsibly put the website live. Everything is 100% ready to go, but we can't flip the switch until we get word back from them.

We're hoping that they will get in touch with us today and so we're provisionally aiming for an 8pm GMT launch of the system, but this is subject to change if we're unable to get final confirmation.

Seriously, it's killing us to not show you the finished site (and some other goodies!) right now. We'll keep you informed here and on our Twitter feed, @rbwcon, of any updates that we get.

It goes without sayin' that the crew up on the 'post are seem to be gettin' as restless as we are....

Stay tuned,
Team RBW
Tags: rbw2010, registration
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