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RBW 2010 Charity Announcement

RBW 2010 Charity Announcement - A Fistful of Huskies

Every year, RBW supports a different charity through its art show and auction. Last year, through your generosity, we raised over £1800 for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust (as well as generating some unexpected stage time for some of the staff - Ed.) and this year we want to do even better!

The cap'n and the rest of us have thought long and hard about how to go about choosing a charity for this year. We talked it over some and a lot of good charities were mentioned - heck, we'd support all of them if we could - but there's only room for one charity in this town. So, we're pleased to announce that the nominated charity for RBW 2010 is the:

Siberian Husky Welfare Association

The Siberian Husky Welfare Association (UK) was formed in February 2007 in response to the gathering welfare crisis in the Siberian Husky breed. Too many irresponsible breeders, together with too many ill-informed, ill-prepared new owners, meant that unwanted huskies were coming into rescue at an unprecedented rate. Since February 2007, SHWA(UK) has taken in and rehomed some 400 unwanted Siberian Huskies of all ages and we have quickly become - out of necessity, not choice, the biggest and busiest Siberian Husky Welfare organisation in the UK.

All of us at RBW are thrilled to be supporting such a worthy cause this year, and we think that the Association's work is something that our community can really get behind. The link above offers more information about the charity, their work and a universe of information about huskies.

Would you like to know more?

Want more information, or want to help us fundraise at RBW 2010? Drop us an email to charity [at] and we'll be happy to discuss it.
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