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Artists: show the 'verse your wares at the Charity Art Show and Auction!

 "Out here, folks don't often get the opportunity to enjoy the more "refined" cultural pleasures in life. Lets just say that there aren't too many artistic proteges who decide to make a place like the Outpost their home.

In fact, we were kinda hopin' that some of you fine talented folk might be able to lend us a hand..."

Are you an artist, sculptor or painter? Got a passion for anthropomorphics and the furry fandom? Want to help out a very worthy charity? If so, then we'd love to show off your work at the RBW art show and auction. We're looking for submissions of original artwork in the genre of anthropomorphics and on a variety of media (sketches, pen-and-ink drawings, paintings, masks, costumes, etc).

Anyone can submit artwork for sale, but we can't promise to show everything because of physical contrainsts on the number of items we can display. Adult artwork is permissible as long as it meets our acceptability criteria (see below).

This year our nominated charity is the Siberian Husky Welfare Association. You're free to donate as much as you like of each item's sale price to charity, and we'd love it if you donated all the proceeds from the sale of your work to charity, but we understand that artists have to eat too, so it's totally acceptable to donate a percentage of sales to charity for an item, or have just some items for the benefit of the charity.

The deadline for submissions is October 22nd. For complete details on submissions please visit the Art Show page on the RBW web site, at If you have any questions, or if you're ready to register, drop an email to artshow [at] and we'll answer as soon as possible.
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