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RBW & ConFuzzled Announcement

We have great news! RBW and ConFuzzled will be working together to create two world class conventions in the United Kingdom. We have decided on a common goal, "To create two great conventions for everyone in the furry community where people can have fun and be with friends."

Together, we will be sharing our experiences, ideas, and lending a paw to each other. We aim to put aside any differences in the past and work together on making the future better, for all involved.

"I'm delighted to be working with the great guys on the ConFuzzled team to build a bridge of trust and co-operation so that no matter where you are from, or who you know, one thing is common - FUN, FUR and FRIENDS"
Foxberance, RBW Joint-Chairman

"We are very excited to be working with RBW as this brings us closer together to our goal of making the UK fandom better for all, and also making two world-class events people will want to attend."
CaliHusky, ConFuzzled Chairman


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