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RBW 2009: Last Minute Information

Just as a quick update, we have some important information for those of you who have Executive and Boat Party Only tickets.
Executive London Eye Flight:
You need to have registered for the con by 17:00 on the Friday. The Thames Clipper ferry will be leaving Canary Wharf Pier at 17:30. It's recommended that you meet up with Russet in the hotel lobby from 17:00 to walk to the pier. Be warned that the ferry will not wait for stragglers!
Boat Party Only:
You need to collect your badge from the hotel BEFORE 19:00. You cannot collect someone else's badge for them so make sure that you arrive in plenty of time to complete your registration and make it to the boat with time to spare!
See you soon!
~ The RBW Team
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RBW 2009: Buying Your Tickets On The Day

The start of RBW 2009 is now just 5 days away and it's a rather busy time for us, as you might imagine! The finishing touches are being put on everything, things are being ticked off lists and it's all looking great!

We've had quite a lot of enquiries over the last week regarding the availability of tickets on the day so, to clarify:

Full Convention, Day and Boat Party Tickets will all be available to purchase on the day of the event from the Registration Desk.

Whilst we will be allowing people to buy them on the day, we'd really encourage anyone who can to use the standard internet based registration and payment system over at our site. Registering in this way means we can have your badge printed and any relevant information you may need ready for you when you arrive.

We're all rather excited at the moment, and we hope we'll have a lot of happy faces when you guys get to see the Britannia International for yourselves.

See you there!
~ The RBW Team
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Two Weeks To Go!

Phew! We've had our heads down for quite a while now. Can you guess what with? *eyes dazzle at all the pretties*

Our convention book, posters and t-shirts have just gone off to the printers! Hooray! We can take a five minute break while we prepare for day zero...

...*sip*.. aaah...

Right, break over, back to work!

First up, we'd like to introduce you to our finalised Event Schedule(PDF) – Russet's been busy for months making sure that everything is locked down and ready to go. It's been taken directly out of the conbook. We'll get the web-based version updated before the weekend is out.

There's just two short weeks until the con kicks off! You can still be a part of it – full convention memberships, day tickets and boat party tickets are available over on our registration page.

As for our t-shirt design this year, we were intending to keep it a secret and surprise you all on the day but... I guess it can't hurt, eh? A huge thank you to Sangluna for the fantastic art – the whole staff were blown away by this submission. We hope that you all love it as much as we do!

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Over and out!
~ The RBW Team
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Announcing the RBW 2009 Charity

Back in June we asked you to vote for your preferred charity from our shortlist of worthy organisations that we wanted to support. Well, voting is now closed and the results are in.
This year's RBW charity is: UK Wolf Conservation Trust!
The UK Wolf Conservation Trust works to promote the cause of wolf conservation around the world, and funds a number of projects that support the preservation of these wonderful animals through research and education. In the United Kingdom, the Trust maintains a dedicated facility in Berkshire that provides educational services, up-close encounters and a number of workshops throughout the year designed to engage the public with the issue of wolf conservation.
All of the money raised through the sale of charity items in our Art Show and Auction will go directly to the Trust. They have also given us some very exciting things for us to auction to you, so make sure that you drop into the Art Show and attend the auction to find out more about these speciality items!
For more information about the Trust, please visit their web site at www.ukwolf.org
~The RBW Team
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RBW 2009: Events Galore!

Hello again from RBW HQ! As promised, here's some more details on the exciting events that we'll be running at RBW this year.
Even if you've missed out on our Executive package, you'll still be able to make a splash (but please, not literally - Ed) at our legendary boat party on Saturday night, hosted on one of the largest and best equipped boats on the Thames, with DJs Kittiah and Miyabi aboard to keep the beat pumping.
For fursuiters, RBW has plenty of events that are sure to suit you. From the return of the highly successful yet somewhat disturbing Ghetto Fursuit Building Competition with Fatkraken to competitive, fur-filled action in The Fursuit Games hosted by our own overly energetic meerkat, Loki, our fursuit track will keep you reaching for the Powerade all weekend.
If artwriting or music floats your boat, we've got you covered with a range of events hosted by some seriously talented members of our community, including: a creative writing panel, hosted by Ultrafox; an art workshop with Kaput and; a DJ workshop with Miyabi and Kittiah. There are also plenty of other creative events and panels over the weekend.
Want to get your game on? RBW will be bringing you two days of videogame tournaments covering all genres of competitive gaming, as well as some time just to chill with your friends and murder (or possibly ace!) songs on Rock Band! If you prefer your gaming in a bit more of a pencil & paper format, then Zuki and Beanie will be running a few different campaigns to sate your role-playing desires. (well... all of the ones that you're legally allowed to "sate" in public, anyway - Ed)
We'll also be bringing you the RBW Charity Art Show - bid early and bid often to secure the artwork (and other furry-themed items) of your dreams and then join Bariki on Sunday afternoon in the Charity Auction to help raise money for RBW's nominated charity for this year, the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.
If you still haven't registered yet, you've still got time to do so over on the RBW web site. If you've got any questions or, heaven forfend, have some trouble registering, then send us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
We look forward to seeing you all in London next month!
~The RBW Team
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RBW 2009: Still time to get your groove on

As we mentioned earlier this week, we've now extended registration right up to the day before RBW starts, so if you still haven't registered for the convention, you can still do so! If you can only make it for a day or two, we'll be selling day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday online from tomorrow - you can even pick up tickets just for our legendary boat party, if that's what you're after.
With only six weeks left until RBW, our team is now starting to put together everything that we've been working hard to prepare for you all. We have our type-monkeys banging out the con book, the events team piecing together the puzzle for our panels and all of our DJs doing a serious amount of crate digging to bring you only the finest tunes for our two parties!
Our Executive level tickets have now officially sold out, so sorry to anyone who was holding out for a last-second spot on The London Eye or any other of our Executive goodies. After all, there's only so many furs that we can fit in those capsules. For those of you that have your Executive membership confirmed and paid for, we look forward to welcoming you aboard with us on Friday night.
We have Friday night's musical extravaganza in our private nightclub at the Britannia International. Feel the rhythm over three sets with Tryst, Graafen and Miles to get the party started in style.
We'll have more details on some of the events that we'll be running at RBW over the next few days. In the meantime, if you still haven't registered for RBW, you can do so over on the RBW web site. If you've got any questions or, heaven forfend, have some trouble registering, then send us an email and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
~The RBW Team
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Great News! Registration Deadline Extended and Day Ticket information!

Great News! Registration Deadline Extended and Day Ticket information!
Since we reminded everyone that our registration period was drawing to a close, we've had contact from a lot of worried people, asking if we could extend that deadline.
Here at RBW HQ we've heard your cries and would like to announce a change to our registration period:
You can now book your place at RBW right up to the day before the con!
After a very generous private investment in the convention and with the support of our good friends in Manchester, we can continue to accept registrations until the 29th of October. 
Although you might have to wait a little longer for your reg-pack if you book in the last week before the convention, we're hoping it will give more of you a chance to be part of a Rather Brilliant Weekend.
Can't attend the full convention? More good news. We held our accountant over the Thames by his ankles until he agreed to let us sell single-day and boat-party tickets! 
The following prices should fit even the most modest (or hippiest) pocket:
  • Friday: Access to the convention and the Friday night "Red Dog Experience" – £30
  • Saturday: Full Day Ticket (access to convention and boat party) – £45
  • Saturday: Access to the convention only – £25
  • SaturdayBoat party only – £25
  • SundayAccess to the convention – £25
Take a look at our provisional events schedule and see what day suits you!
You'll be able to buy the tickets on the day or in advance from our website, http://register.rbw.org.uk. The boat-party tickets are going to sell like hotcakes so get yours here as soon as they go on sale. We'll be updating our registration system on Friday 18th September. But don't worry, we'll make another post to remind you!
That's it for now - we've some more exciting information about RBW to give you in the next few days, so watch this space!
Party on!
~ The RBW Team
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Strut Your Stuff in the RBW Grand Masquerade!

We're looking for entries to this year's talent show, the RBW Grand Masquerade. You don't have to be a fursuiter to participate (although fursuiters are very welcome) - the show is open to anyone with an idea that's entertaining, enlightening or downright hilarious.

We are looking for:
a) Persons who want to show their own skit or performance on stage.
b) Persons who don't have an own skit, but want to be on stage and are willing to join in on others performances.
c) Video contributions that can be presented on the big screen at the stage and also on RBWtv.

Please send your ideas to events@rbw.org.uk before October 16th.

Kind regards,
~The RBW Team
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Dispelling the Myths: "Why is it so expensive?"

After a brief hiatus, we thought it was time to continue our semi-regular series of posts that aim to answer your burning questions about this year's event!

Today we've got a big one (fnar), so let's get stuck in:

Why is it so expensive?

Compared to similar conventions, RBW isn't - basic membership is £100 and, whilst this might seem like a lot, we'd like to explain a few factors that affect the price.

This year's budget actually reflects the cost of the convention; RBW 2008 lost £4 on every single Silver membership sold. With 290 attendees, the loss was huge. This defecit was absorbed personally by a few senior staff members at the time - we're not recouping any of last year's debts this year. Check out our previous post about the ticket cost breakdown - we're more than happy to be upfront about where everyone's money goes.

We haven't had our heads in the sand regarding the current economic climate. With this firmly in mind, this year's budget was designed to operate with an anticipated 200 attendees. If we exceed this number, the money will be used to making next year's convention cheaper and more awesome!

Putting on the Boat Party costs a lot of money and this is a significant factor (13%) of the ticket price. As it was so well received last year, we were very keen to have the Erasmus back as our venue since both the lighting and sound system are simply unmatched by any other vessel on the Thames. As our signature event, we feel that it would be wrong to compromise on the quality of the Boat Party; it has to be a fantastic night to remember!

We're also hiring out the Britannia International Hotel's own private nightclub venue for the Friday evening (5%), ensuring that everyone gets two full nights to party.

Finally, we'd just like to remind everyone that RBW 2009 is a London based event. Do bear in mind that London is an expensive place to host any sort of event, but we believe that the City is a big part of what will make this a Rather Brilliant Weekend.

More soon. Stay tuned!
~ The RBW Team